Let's Have an Indulging Merdeka Parade Experience


Kuala Lumpur – The historical moment on 31 August 1957, when our Founding Father Tunku Abdul Rahman hailed “Merdeka” seven times to declare the country’s independence, set the first step for our countryto march towards a brighter future. Later on 16 September 1963, Malaysia is formed with the joining of Sabah and Sarawak. These two important incidents shaped the foundation of our proud nation today. Over the years, the multiracial community strive hard hand-in-hand to develop the country, bringing us to where we are today.

This year, Malaysia is turning 62!

The glorious moment in 1957 when the crowd echoed in united roars of “Merdeka” after Tunku Abdul Rahman marked the birth of a harmonious, united and patriotic nation. It is a proud day for all people. Even those who were unable to be physically present at the ceremony could feel the passion in their spirits as they witness the moment our national flag rose through the black and white televisions.

Malaysian celebrates its National Day on two dates. Merdeka Day on 31 August commemorates the day when the nation reclaimed its sovereign; while Malaysia Day on 16 September is a date to celebrate the formation of Malaysia together with the two states in East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. These celebrations signify the unity of all Malaysians, despite our differences in race, religion and background.

To celebrate this 62 years of momentous milestone with all Malaysians, Baskin-Robbins will be launching a two-month “Happy Malaysia RM1 Upsize” promotion. Baskin-Robbins is the World’s largest chain of icecream specialty shops and one of the most popular icecream brands among consumers, famous for their premium quality delicious icecream.

Baskin-Robbins has always been Malaysian’s favourite. This “Happy Malaysia” promotion, held in conjunction with Malaysia’s 62nd birthday, also aims to remind all Malaysians the contribution of our forefathers as we celebrate the nation’s achievements. The “Happy Malaysia” campaign is a reflection of the true wonders of Malaysia - our people, our land. The beauty of a multicultural and multiracial community is what shapes the nation, and our heritage is the essence of the unique identities that should make every Malaysian proud. Through this campaign, we hope to instil a sense of pride in every Malaysian and to continue promoting a happy and healthy interaction among each other. We are encouraging everyone to protect and preserve Malaysian’s culture and heritage, sharing with the world of what makes them proud to be Malaysian, such as our prehistoric rain forest to world-class crops or the diversified culture found only in Malaysia. This new approach is an uphill task, and Baskin-Robbins wants the change to start at a young age.

Baskin-Robbins Chief Executive Officer Cheah Jia Ming happily announced the “Happy Malaysia RM1 Upsize” promotion is available at all Baskin-Robbins outlets in Malaysia from 1 August to 30 September.

“To commemorate the double celebrations of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, we will be launching the “Double Celebration” and “Mega Celebration” promotion. Double your happiness by topping up RM1 to enjoy a free upsize from one scoop to two,” he said.

He explained that customers who purchase a Single Regular (RM11.50) are eligible to enjoy the “Double Celebration” with an additional RM1 while those who purchase a Single King (RM14.50) gets an upgrade to “Mega Celebration” with the additional RM1. The iconic ice cream underwent a makeover whereby it goes with a mini flag on top along with ice cream sleeve covered with elements that carry the resemblance of the national flag. This design is exclusively released to commemorate the upcoming Malaysian Independence Day and Malaysia Day and will only be available these two months.

“The offer is applicable to the various classic, seasonal and special flavours available,” he added.

Bring your family and friends to join us during these special months to enjoy the “Double Celebration” and “Mega celebrations”. Get your “Happy Malaysia” ice creams and snap a photo of what heritage means to you, how this piece of Malaysia reflects your pride towards the nation, be it at a memorable landmark such as the Dataran Merdeka to your favourite nasi lemak stall, your favourite camping site or even your family traditions that are uniquely yours. Tell us through your photos about anything that captures what Malaysia is about to you and share them on your social media with the hashtag #BRMYPride #BRavoMY to wish our beloved country Happy Birthday.


(吉隆坡讯)1957年8月31日,东姑阿都拉曼(Tunku Abdul Rahman)在独立广场的国庆日庆典上高喊7声「Merdeka!」声音响彻云霄,是每一位马来西亚人民最为熟悉的画面;而在1963年9月16日,马来亚联邦、北婆罗洲(現為沙巴)及砂拉越正式结合成为一家人,成立马来西亚!经过各大种族这些年间的和谐共处与努力,成就了最值得我们骄傲的马来西亚!



Baskin-Robbins 为庆祝我国独立62周年,强势推出连续两个月的冰淇淋「HAPPY MALAYSIA RM1加码送」促销,回馈长期支持的粉丝,就要让人在这个全国人民普天同庆的好日子天天揪团吃冰淇淋!全球最大的连锁冰淇淋专卖店Baskin-Robbins以高人气、美味的冰淇淋闻名业界,成为消费者心目中最受欢迎的冰淇淋品牌。现在,冰淇淋控要嗨了!

伴随831国庆日及916马来西亚日,Baskin-Robbins 每年都会推出限定优惠,欢庆这两个专属马来西亚人民的好日子。马来西亚由三大种族及其他少数民族组成,经历62年的岁月变迁,在不同宗教、信仰和文化背景之下,各族之间依然和乐融融,不分彼此,发挥互助互爱的精神,全国人民上下团结一心。在这两个增强国民信心、体现凝聚日的大日子,Baskin-Robbins推出的「HAPPY MALAYSIA」主题活动,希望透过快乐、欢笑促进身心健康,同时也在人与人之间传递愉悦与友善,打造更美好的马来西亚! Baskin-Robbins「HAPPY MALAYSIA」的主题正反映著我国多元种族所带来的美丽文化与习俗。借由这次活动,Baskin-Robbins希望透过这些深具影响力的历史、建筑物、文化遗产和故事能够让大马子民重新认识而珍惜并且捍卫这片值得让人引以为傲的土地,然而继续把这观念流传至下一代。把马来西亚最美好的一面譬如我国最优美的热带雨林等优良遗产植入每一位马来西亚人心中,也广传到海外。