Chow Homeo Clinic Opening Ceremony


Chow Homeo Clinic is a natural health and holistic wellness clinic that specialized in integrated natural bio-energetic therapeutic solutions.

The clinic offers advanced bio-energetic health assessment & evaluation, homeopathic consultation & treatment and bio-energetic wellness therapies using proven, ancient techniques and advanced scientific technologies that uniquely combine the use of hydro, thermo, micro-current, electro-magnetic and fusion light to correct energetic imbalance, improve health and restore vitality.












Holistic approach to wellness is a multi-faceted and mindful approach to achieve optimum health by synthesizing the body, mind and soul for a more balanced, wholesome living experience. It takes into account the physical body, state of mind and emotional wellbeing of a person to affect healing.

The concept of natural health and holistic wellness is based on the philosophy that the human body always has the ability to heal itself provided it is being cared for and properly fed. There is an energetic substance called “vital force” that acts as a balancing mechanism in our body to keep us healthy. The root cause of sickness is due to derangement or imbalanced of energy in the body. To restore health over a sick body, one needs to create a new balance of energy in the body in harmony with the natural surroundings. This in turn will set the stage for the body to heal itself from the sickness.

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